Stamford Brook

West London

The brief from our client was to create a family kitchen and dining space out of the rabbit warren of dark spaces jumbled together at the rear of the property.

We needed to make sure that the extension was light, especially towards the back, and we were also keen to make sure we weren’t creating ‘another glass box’. The numerous existing add-ons, which had turned their back on the garden, were all removed and so another key part of the design was to make the garden feel like an integral part of the family home again.

The utility room was originally at the rear of the property and blocked most of the light into the house. At an early stage we moved it closer to the centre of the property which enabled us to create a sizeable family kitchen and dining area that looked out through a large bespoke glazing system to the garden.

At the rear of the kitchen, where the extension adjoins there is a glazed corner which looks out onto a small herb garden and back towards the house. We were able to create this corner glazing by constructing a steel ‘goal’ post structure that allowed us to remove the original back and side walls of the house at ground floor level and support the weight of the external wall of the two floors above. Robert Excell project managed this project whilst working with Powell Tuck Associates.

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