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Based in the heart of London, we extend our bespoke architectural services to the most prestigious and high-end areas across South England, including exclusive enclaves in Cornwall, Devon, Buckinghamshire, and Kent.

Crafting Bespoke Elegance in Exclusive Enclaves:

At McLaren Excell, we take pride in our ability to curate architectural wonders in some of the most affluent neighborhoods in South England. From the iconic streets of Belgravia to the picturesque landscapes of Surrey, Cornwall’s coastal charm, Devon’s rural elegance, Buckinghamshire’s historic grandeur, and Kent’s timeless beauty – our architects have left an indelible mark on these high-end locales.

Henley House Renovation and Extension by McLaren Excell

Belgravia’s Timeless Opulence:

Discover the epitome of sophistication in Belgravia, where grand Georgian squares and stately homes provide the canvas for our bespoke residential designs. McLaren Excell brings a touch of modern luxury to this historic enclave, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with the timeless charm of the neighborhood. Henley House Renovation and Extension by McLaren Excell

Surrey’s Tranquil Grandeur:

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Surrey, our architectural influence extends to exclusive estates and countryside retreats. From expansive country mansions to modern villas, McLaren Excell brings a breath of fresh, contemporary air to Surrey’s tranquil grandeur.

Chelsea’s Urban Chic:

In the heart of London, Chelsea stands as a beacon of urban chic. Our architects at McLaren Excell have played a pivotal role in shaping the skyline of this high-end neighborhood, delivering bespoke designs that perfectly complement the cosmopolitan lifestyle that defines Chelsea.

Oxfordshire’s Countryside Sophistication:

Beyond the bustling city, Oxfordshire’s countryside beckons with its sophistication. McLaren Excell has left its mark on this high-end region, crafting residences that seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of the countryside while embodying the luxurious lifestyle synonymous with Oxfordshire.

Exploring Coastal Grandeur and Rural Elegance:

Venture into the coastal charm of Cornwall and Devon’s rural elegance, where McLaren Excell brings its expertise to create bespoke residences that capture the essence of these unique landscapes. Buckinghamshire’s historic grandeur and Kent’s timeless beauty are also graced by our architects, ensuring a harmonious blend of modern luxury and regional character.

Your Bespoke Journey Begins:

As you embark on your architectural journey with McLaren Excell, envision your bespoke residence in these exclusive enclaves. From Cornwall’s coastal opulence to Buckinghamshire’s historic charm, our architects are poised to transform your vision into reality in the most prestigious areas across South England.

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Discover the pinnacle of architectural luxury with McLaren Excell – where high-end design meets unparalleled craftsmanship in every corner of South England, from London to Cornwall, Devon, Buckinghamshire, and Kent.

This spectacular three-storey property had an existing, extensively glazed double dual pitched extension that clashed with the style and period of the house. By building a new rear facade to the existing extension using bricks sourced from Denmark, McLaren Excell sensitively restored character and elegance to the house.

McLaren Excell chose pinkish red bricks from 200-year-old Danish brand Petersen Tegl for their similarity to the original brickwork of the main house. Lime-based ‘Sussex Red’ mortar from Limetec lends the new structure a sense of presence and permanence while keeping it subservient to the host building. Brick soffits were used to form deep reveals above the large, glass sliding door, while vertical elements taper back to create strong horizontal lines, providing a sense of openness from the interior’s outlook. Adjacent to the door, a vast window looks out from the dining room onto a Japanese-inspired courtyard.

In the garden, we collaborated with Sean Walter from Plant Specialist for the landscaping, where a rectangular water feature was installed to evoke the sight and sound of the nearby River Thames, honouring the clients’ love of rowing.

The external datum created by the brick runs throughout the interior with oak panelled walls, rationalising the space and opening up the previously cluttered design. At the entrance to the extension, McLaren Excell installed a coffered ceiling using exposed joists, which adds depth and texture to the room. Skylights were cornered precisely in the large, vaulted space to bring more natural light into the entrance of the room. McLaren Excell installed an immense, custom-designed kitchen island, made from titanium travertine from Italy, that forms the focal point in the room. The vertical elements of this are sandblasted, while the top is polished to make it more hardwearing. The kitchen walls and floor are both clad in oiled oak to help emphasise the use of stone in the space.

At the front of the villa, the team restored windows and painted the frames an elegant grey to draw out the subtle grey features in the brickwork.

McLaren Excell exposed the ceiling on the top floor to increase the sense of space, insulating the roof space for added energy efficiency. They also took up carpet and replaced plywood floors with oiled oak floorboards – and restored original boards where possible. Running through both the dressing room and the ensuite bathroom is a large beautiful black-and-white Arabescato Corchia marble worktop from Italy, which forms cuboid sinks in front of the sash windows. Walls and doors to the bathroom and WC are clad in the same material. In the master suite, oiled oak joinery runs below the picture rail, to help express and retain the
original cornicing. With their customary reverence for heritage and the environment, McLaren Excell took pains to preserve original features and fabric throughout, by reinsulating walls and roof spaces to ensure the ongoing sustainability of this outstanding family home.

Photos: Rory Gardiner

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