Hand & Flower


Following  years of controversy over the running of the Hand & Flower pub in Fulham, Mclaren Excell were asked to re-purpose the existing building and greatly extend the dilapidated wing into a Retail space with a series of flats above to more appropriately reflect the needs of the area.

The greatest challenge of the site came from optimizing the large floor area of the extension while not inhibiting the right of light or views of the neighbours. The solution came through staggering the floor plates and taking advantage of the spaces left over from a diagonal boundary to form long terraces leading off bedrooms and living spaces. Each of these were able to give generously sized external space on every floor that would otherwise have been lost.

Within the existing Hand and Flower pub, the frame of the old flats are being improved upon to make them more suitable for modern living. The high ceilinged attic space is also being refurbished, the mansard roof filled in to provide a spectacular penthouse apartment with views over South West London,

Construction of the new wing is slightly set back to respect the Victorian detailed façades, the ground floor following the shop front vernacular while the neutral yet richly textured pallet of brick and stone complement the existing tones. Bronze detailing emphasizes the apertures within the form, window reveals and residential entrances relating to the bronze foundry adjacent to the site.

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