Broad Street


At the cross junction of the proposed site, Broad Street becomes Hampton Road and the route continues West towards Feltham. Queens Road leads southwards from this junction towards Bushy Park and northwards it becomes Stanley Road which leads towards Twickenham. The profile of the buildings along Broad Street is interrupted and inconsistent. The typology varies from Victorian terraces to late 20th century buildings that do not contribute positively to the character of the street. The majority of these buildings have commercial space at ground floor with residential units above. Queens Road is partly commercial but becomes entirely residential as the road continues southwards.

The clients brief is to produce a high quality residential and commercial scheme which aims to provide a sustainable solution with high quality accommodation and retail / commercial space.

We have successfully got approval for a contemporary building that sits in-between the corner plot and the old terraced buildings. Whilst it was important to allow the corner plot to remain prominent we also had to consider the fenestration to the terraced façade.

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